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NUHS-Florida provides cadaver workshop to SPC students

by May 14, 2024

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In March and April, National University of Health Sciences hosted 5 cadaver workshops for students in various St. Petersburg College (SPC) programs.   

During the workshops, NUHS students helped teach SPC students about the functions and locations of organs. They also guided students through normal and abnormal anatomy with explanations of physiologic implications. Additionally, they showed students how to use muscles as a guide to locate arteries and veins. 

“These workshops have been extremely well received by SPC students and NUHS students enjoy participating,” said NUHS Faculty Melodie Hammer-Wakefield, DC, CFMP, who organized the event with SPC Faculty Member Lisa Leonard, DC.  

Attendees included about 70 students along with their instructors in the SPC’s nursing, funeral services and physical therapy assistant programs. A total of 20 NUHS students and 3 faculty members also participated.  

Before the pandemic, NUHS-Florida previously offered cadaver workshops for anyone taking an anatomy course at SPC. The workshops are currently offered to students  enrolled in health profession curriculum.   

“By having a cohort in the workshop of SPC students that have the same knowledge base and interests, we can provide a workshop that is more meaningful and applicable,” Dr. Hammer said.  

For Dr. Hammer, the workshops are one of the ways NUHS-Florida can show its appreciation for being part of the University Partnership at SPC. 

“By offering these workshops we are ‘giving back’ to help improve the learning experience of the SPC student,” Dr Hammer said. “This also gives NUHS students an opportunity to solidify their knowledge by ‘teaching’ what they have learned.  Some of the NUHS students may also follow the path into higher education but, being a physician is also about teaching patients so that they understand the condition they are experiencing.” 

Dr. Hammer plans to continue to offer the workshops. Some of the SPC programs are also requiring their students to attend these workshops An anatomy workshop for dental hygiene students is currently scheduled for July. 


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