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Naturopathic Oncology Expert Shares Tools for Treating Pancreatic Cancer

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality of major cancers and is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the nation. Less than 6% of pancreatic cancer patients have a 5-year survival rate after diagnosis. National University students learned the hard facts about this serious disease, its risk factors, symptoms and more from guest speaker, Dr. Khara Lucius, ND, naturopathic oncology provider at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.naturpathic oncology expert lucius khara

In her presentation, “Integrative Care in Pancreatic Cancer,” Dr. Lucius explored how NDs and other physicians can support pancreatic cancer patients who are surgical candidates, those who are not, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy. Students learned about dietary and supplemental support, exercise and stress relief, as well as key botanical and homeopathic interventions specific to unique concerns of pancreatic cancer patients in each stage of their treatment process.

The presentation was a special addition to the naturopathic medicine students’ “Grand Rounds” experience. During Grand Rounds, students, faculty and practitioners share knowledge, research and experience on specific conditions and case histories to enhance the learning process and improve clinical excellence.  All students and faculty from every medical specialty on campus are invited to attend each Grand Rounds event to participate and learn together as part of National University’s commitment to integrative medicine.






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