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National Public Health Week and Medieval Times

by Apr 20, 2018

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Recently, National University of Health Sciences brought National Public Health Week to St. Petersburg College. The student interns took turns during off hours to present multiple topics about public health to the masses. I participated on Tuesday with my colleague Jeff. We discussed food borne illness, hygiene, insect borne pathogens, and preventative herbs and foods to help with cold and flu season. We discussed the necessity to wash cutting boards and other surfaces to avoid cross contamination, washing hands, and properly screening for ticks, removing ticks, and preventing insect bites. I also discussed the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and turmeric as well as the antimicrobial properties of ginger and goldenseal.

Jeff told people about how herbs and foods high in the compound quercetin, could help with allergies because quercetin is an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory. A lot of people were very interested in the information we provided and wanted to know more. We elaborated on the topics and handed out pamphlets the NUHS students made in their public health class. It was nice to participate in the annual event in my last trimester as a student intern.


Over the weekend my girlfriend and I took a drive out to Kissimmee, Fla. and went to the medieval themed dinner and show Medieval Times. Another great part about living in the Tampa Bay area is the proximity to Orlando and all the surrounding attractions. Medieval Times is another fun thing to do that is somewhat unique to Central Florida. There is a Medieval Times in New Jersey as well, so it wasn’t my first time at the show, but I hadn’t been to the one down here in Florida. It was a lot of fun and something new to do. Our knight lost in the final round but he put up a good fight. Orlando is an hour and a half from St. Petersburg without traffic — which is nice because even in the off chance you get sick of the Bay area, there is a world renowned city less than two hours away with theme parks and entertainment to keep anyone busy!

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Christopher Kotwicki

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