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My Winter Wrap Up

by Dec 13, 2019

It’s the end of another term. This trimester is a little bit more special than most, you see, last Friday was my last MSAc class ever, and next Thursday will be my final, final exam. I have spent a lot of time tying up loose ends in the previous few weeks. On top of all the things, I am graduating with my Masters of Science in Acupuncture this week…Yay! The feeling is surreal, I mean, I am not done yet, I will still be here at school for another eight months as I finish up the Chiropractic program, but I feel like I have been working toward my goals for so long that I am not sure how I feel about completing one of them. The best part of all of this is that I will be able to spend time with my family in just a few short weeks. Mom guilt has been a big part of my life as I was taking time from them to pursue my own goals, but I’m starting to see the result of all of the work, and I am excited about our futures.

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Being that it is the end of the term, I was able to go to the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Student Association (AOMSA) end of the trimester dinner the other day. We use it as an opportunity to bond and celebrate the graduates. The best part of the dinner came afterword when a bunch of the students decided to go to a local Asian grocery store to pick up some tea and desserts after eating.

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It was a blast; we ended up hanging out in the dried herb and tea aisle for probably 20 minutes, acting like total geeks, and debating the properties of the items that were for sale. Across the board, National students are a helpful bunch, but I feel like the camaraderie in our acupuncture program is what makes it special. I came home with dried roses that I intend to use in some recipes over the holidays; I will have to let you know how that works out.

Happy holidays to all of you lovely readers out there, and here’s to a wonderful new year for all of us!

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Sarah Montesa

Sarah Montesa

My name is Sarah, and I have been a student on the NUHS Lombard campus since Fall of 2014. Right now, I am pursuing dual degrees in Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine.


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