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Meet DC Student Denise Shostek

by Jan 25, 2012

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Denise is earning her doctor of chiropractic degree at National University of Health Sciences. Chiropractic medicine is a fantastic second career choice for older students who have always dreamed of working in health care.

Denise says: “I love this program. National has embraced me as an older student. I just feel so welcome and warm here. It’s been a great experience. I love the studies. I love the curriculum. It’s hard; it’s challenging; and, in a year and a half, I will be a doctor. I thought that it would be scaled back from medical school. In reality, my friends in medical school are using the exact same textbooks that we use.”

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Elizabeth Toth

Elizabeth Toth

Elizabeth Toth is Communications Coordinator at National University of Health Sciences. She helps promote the university via marketing and public relations efforts. Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and communications from Northern Illinois University.


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