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Chiropractic Medicine

Deana at the se3rvice window helping a student

Meet Our Chiropractic Medicine Students

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Caleb Suciu

"What I like most is that I've learned how to treat the cause of the patient's problem, rather than their symptoms. I had no idea how much of a primary care physician I would be after coming to school here. I will be equipped to handle any patient that comes in the door diagnosis-wise."
dc student denise shostek

Denise Shostek

"National has embraced me as an older student. I just feel so welcome and warm here. It's been a great experience. I love the studies. I love the curriculum. It's hard; it's challenging; and, in a year and a half, I will be a doctor. I thought that it would be scaled back from medical school. In reality, my friends in medical school are using the exact same textbooks."

Dylan Kahn – FL-DC Student

My name is Dylan Kahn, and I am currently heading into my fourth trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic program at the Florida campus of NUHS. I have a B.S. […]
james morosky

James Morosky

"I chose chiropractic medicine because I appreciate an approach to health care that doesn't rely on drugs and yet doesn't eschew them. National University teaches many different modalities of care, and works to build bridges to understand other branches of medical care. I felt this would better prepare me for my future career as a physician."

Matthew Beyer, IL-DC Student

My name is Matt Beyer, and I am currently an eighth trimester DC student intern at NUHS. As a second generation chiropractic student, I have a strong passion and understanding […]
dc student robin roecker

Robin Roecker

"The kind of education that National University offers is something I'm really excited about. We get to learn a lot about primary care. When I graduate, I won't only know how to adjust the spine, I'll know so much more. Some schools don't really offer that kind of education, so you have to choose wisely."
dc student shelby plante

Shelby Plante

"I worked in medical massage for a while, and that was where I fell in love with chiropractic medicine. I noticed that those patients who received both massage and chiropractic care at the same time got better faster than those who had only one or the other. I started to understand that it was essential to have both therapies working together."


Follow our students as they work their way through each trimester at National University. Get a first-hand glimpse into classes, studying, campus life, and our communities.