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Marathon Studying

by Mar 16, 2018

The title might be deceiving, because I should be studying like crazy, but instead I am just finishing the third day of another training in Master Energy Dynamics. I guess I could still call it studying, because even if it has nothing to do with acupuncture or oriental medicine, it is health related. I’m just going to say I am in the flow and I am taking every opportunity that’s shows up, and that it’s going to make me a better practitioner.


Tonight I have two midterms and I am going to do my best; I will probably study during my lunch break at the M.E.D. training. Multi-tasking is becoming my new “secret weapon” while I study to remember herbs that I have never heard of before.

I do feel a bit anxious when I think about the next two weeks with midterms, plus just a weekend to finish studying 150 herbs for senior clinic exam. The fun part about it (as you already know, or if you don’t, you’ll learn it in the future!) is the rules are always changing. Exams and conditions are never the same for all of us, and starting next trimester students that started a bit later than I did are going to have even more changes when it comes to associate and senior clinic exams.

I can only say do your homework, ask questions twice, get everything in writing and just make sure you’re up to date with all the pre-reqs and all the other rules much earlier than the actual exams, so you don’t end up juggling a bunch of classes or clinic shifts. I am going to do this during the summer so I can finish on time. Don’t get caught in all the things that are overwhelming in the first year, and don’t wait for your advisor to remind you that you’re missing a class, or you are not on the right schedule. In the end it is your job and in your best interest, so just do the math, put everything on paper and make sure everything adds up, including weekend classes, or classes that are offered every other trimester.

I wish you good luck with midterms and I’ll see you next week — when hopefully — I’ll be done studying for senior exam!

If you have any other questions related to homeopathy, or how am I planning to integrate everything in my practice, you can always write me at: [email protected].

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Iuliana Lixandru

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