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Lunch and Learn with the NUHS Faculty

by Jun 23, 2017

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Another week in the books and a lot has happened. Our professors collaborated and gave a “Lunch and Learn” on otitis media, an infection of the middle ear. We had Professor Sri Manavalan discuss the anatomy involved; Dr. Jaya Prakash discuss the microorganisms; Dr. Michelle Jourdan demonstrate the physical exam; Dr. Brett Martin list the botanicals and nutritional supplements used to treat; and Dr. Steven Freeman show the manipulative techniques we can use to help mechanically treat the condition. Students from all the trimesters throughout the program were in attendance. Lunch was provided by the school as well. The “Lunch and Learn” was a brief overview of what we are all about at National. We discussed every aspect of the condition.


The faculty at NUHS each bring their own expertise to our program. It was awesome to see them collaborate and demonstrate everything that goes into understanding a pathology. I really think the way it was presented encapsulates how each pathology should be approached. This approach is how we learn it through the curriculum.

We learn about the difference between normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology. We learn about microbes and other disease-causing agents. We learn how to evaluate and test for pathology. We learn how to manage the condition through nutrition and supplementation. We learn the alternative and conventional interventions so we can educate the patients on all available options. Last, but certainly not least, we learn how to manage conditions with chiropractic manipulation.


To summarize the lecture, Otitis Media is an infection of the middle ear canal. Anaerobic bacteria can build up and cause complications, therefore, one wants to get air into the ear. With upper cervical manipulation, we can help the Eustachian tube drain allowing air to pass through the ear canal preventing proliferation of anaerobes. Otitis media can be detected with an otoscope during an ear exam. The tympanic membrane would look inflamed as shown in this picture.

Another symptom is decreased sound during air conduction and increased sound in bone conduction. We can determine this using a tuning fork and two tests called Weber and Rinne. Goldenseal and garlic are potent antimicrobial supplements that can be used to treat the infection internally. It was a great review for the upper trimester students and a brief look into the clinical sciences for the lower trimester students. I am happy I attended it and was happy for free food as well!

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