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Keep your young athletes safe with tips from a chiropractic medicine intern

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Every three minutes, a child is treated for a sports-related injury, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. The organization reports that in 2012, 1.35 million children were taken to the emergency department for these kinds of injuries.

While it is important that children remain active, it is equally important that they do so in a safe manner. Many common injuries like ACL tears, dehydration along with muscle tears or sprains can easily be prevented. Since April is National Youth Sports Safety Month, it’s the perfect time to remind yourself and your children about the best ways to stay safe while playing sports this summer.

In the video below, Anthony Crifase, a chiropractic medicine intern at National University’s Whole Health Center, offers tips that coaches, parents and kids alike can put into practice. He discusses how to perform proper technique, warm ups, how much to rest, and hydrate, along with the importance of cross training.

Don’t see the video above? View it on YouTube.

At the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard, our chiropractic medicine clinicians and interns treat a variety of sports-related injuries through safe and natural approaches. You can also work with our naturopathic, acupuncture or oriental medicine clinicians to employ other treatment options.

Have further questions regarding sport injuries? Come to see one of our clinicians and interns at the NUHS Whole Health Center clinic at 200 E. Roosevelt Road in Lombard. You can schedule an appointment by calling (630) 629-9664.






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