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Heat Wave

by Jun 1, 2018

After two big storms, some very cold weather (again!), summer came upon us and no one was ready for it. It’s humid, it’s hot, grass is suddenly full of ticks and it’s definitely not something we were expecting after such a capricious spring. I haven’t turned on my AC yet, because I’m in clinic most of the time, but if the hot weather continues I might have to do that. I just don’t want to melt when I get home after a busy day.

So, summer is here to stay, or so it seems so, and I wish I’d have more time to go outside and get some of that Vitamin D, but instead I’m already studying herbal formulas for my first exam happening this Wednesday. I have one exam this week, three more next week and then moving on to studying for my exit exam.

This trimester, the exit exam is scheduled for week eight, so it allows us more time in case we fail and need to retake it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be the case, but you never know when it comes to Chinese herbs…Not sure how much time I’ll actually have to study, but what I do know is that the study guide lists 90 formulas that we are supposed to know — so it’s less than we had for senior exam!

I hear Homecoming is happening during week seven, but for me, right now, I can only be happy and excited that I get to skip classes half of that week — and that gives me some more time for studying.

Besides studying and seeing between 20 to 25 patients per week, two weekends ago I attended another functional medicine training in endocrinology, and I definitely feel much more confident about reading some labs and making sense when talking to a patient about them.


Last on my news list is Memorial Day weekend. It really helped me catching up on some sleep and yes, I confess I did eat way too many carbs brunching in Chicago, but I don’t regret it!

This trimester, my Saturdays are spent in clinic and then resting at home, so with a long weekend I got to enjoy a full day out with a trip to a farmers market, some shopping, brunch, a visit to my favorite French bakery — Floriole — in Lincoln Park, and then some cooking.

Do I feel rested? Not really…Did I study enough? Definitely not! Did I finish all the papers and homework? No. And, it might take me a couple more weekends to finish everything.

I’m just trying to say that perfection comes intertwined with a lot of imperfection on the same pathway, and I am learning more and more about it. Plus, the closer I get to the finish line, the more I feel the need to focus on the business part and less on the “writing endless homework” part. 

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Iuliana Lixandru

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