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Happy Week 9!

by Jul 9, 2021

The Summer of 2021 has definitely started off differently than last Summer and is appearing more and more like those of years gone by. It is not only Week 9, but it is the week following the 4th of July, which means that the country at large is still (hopefully!) reflecting on the independence and the freedoms that are enjoyed here.


At the same time, day-by-day, many continue to vigorously persevere in pursuit of the ideal of America becoming “a more perfect Union” for its citizens, for those who endeavor to make America their home, and so that this nation can continue to be a shining example in the world. Along with reflection on these principle things, there are celebrations of American culture via; BBQs; time with family and friends; and fireworks displays – and oh, there are fireworks!

The Village of Lombard had an annual 4th of July, fireworks display 2021 Fourth of July fireworks | Lombard, IL ( and for those who liked venturing out, there was a whole host of displays planned throughout the Chicagoland area Fireworks 2021: 4th of July Chicago area shows ( and some of these will continue on through the entire Summer.

If you are thinking about becoming a NUHS-Lombard, IL, Doctor of Chiropractic student and you are wondering what there is to do that would give you a break from all the hard work of becoming a Doctor-In-Training, Lombard, IL is in DuPage County. If you click here: Calendar of Events in DuPage County | Discover What’s Happening (, you will be able to see the various things DuPage County has to offer that will help you have a bit of enjoyment in your academic journey!

I hope you enjoyed a fun and safe 4th of July and may you have a terrific Week 9!


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About the Author

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee is an 10th Trimester Chiropractic Medicine student, a 2020-21 Senior Ambassador of NCMIC’s Starting Into Practice Student Program on the NUHS Lombard Campus, and a 2020-21 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellow. Through blogging for NUHS’ website, Rameda hopes to acquire and exercise skills that will allow her to represent herself both personally and professionally and to be in a position to assist others in their decision making regarding; choosing a Program of Study; attending NUHS; and in gaining insights into what student life at NUHS, Lombard would be like.


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