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Great News, Good Things to Come

by Jan 26, 2018

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I have good news! I received my certificate from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners also known as NBCE. I knew I passed Parts I-III and PT, but during the holiday break we received our Part IV scores and I found out I passed Part IV! That means I passed ALL parts of the national licensing exam and it feels so good! Not only did I pass all the parts before graduation, I passed them on my first attempt. I discussed the board exams with many students from other schools who were not as fortunate and some were retaking multiple parts. Some of the complaints I heard were the topics were not taught for understanding of the material, rather it was taught with word association for example in radiology if it is a hip “think avascular necrosis of the head of the femur also known as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. This is not a good way to study because real life has no word association, instead one should be going through the x-ray or MRI noting any abnormal findings and coming up with a diagnosis based on Alignment, Bone, Cartilage, and Soft Tissue. Word association can help with some topics but studying for the common questions on a test is missing the point of the test. The test is meant to see if you know the material not if you memorized what might be on the exam.


All-in-all I am proud of myself for passing all the parts on my first attempt. Most of my studying was done within a couple weeks of the exams and it consisted of mostly review. There were a couple things I needed to brush up on, but all the topics were covered in depth in the curriculum at NUHS. One final point I would like to make is that not only did I pass by the standard of NBCE, but some states require higher scores to practice in that state. North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin all require a 475 on Part IV in order to obtain licensure in their states and Maryland requires a 438 on Part III. According to NBCE, a passing score is 375 on all parts. To scale, a 375 is approximately a raw score of 70 percent for Part III and 75 percent on Part IV according to Dynamic Chiropractic. I passed both Part III with a score higher than 438, and Part IV above 475. I can practice in any state in US with my scores, and I attribute it all to the education I received at NUHS. I am living proof of how well prepared one will be for the boards if they choose to receive their education through NUHS!

The last few weeks I have been treating my regular patients, re-examining old patients, and seeing new patients. I am doing what is required of me to graduate and obtain my license. I am also trying to show the Tri 8 or Clin 1 students how to use the electronic medical records (EMR) system we use in the clinic, as well as how to properly take a history, do a physical exam, write a treatment plan, and treat patients with safe yet effective modalities. In the meantime, I have been writing cover letters and sending my CV out to Chiropractic Physicians looking for associates. I had a phone interview last week, and this Friday I have an interview in Virginia. The doctor made arrangements for me to come up and interview, so I am looking forward to the opportunity and I will keep you all posted on how it goes!

If you have any questions regarding life at NUHS FL please email me at [email protected]

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Christopher Kotwicki

Christopher Kotwicki

My name is Christopher Kotwicki and I am a future Doctor of Chiropractic! I am also a self-proclaimed beach bum, animal lover, fitness junkie, and sports fanatic.


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