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Florida Group Wins Trip to Illinois Campus/Homecoming

by Jun 20, 2011

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National University of Health Sciences offered a special opportunity for a lucky group of students and faculty from its Florida campus. The university sponsored two faculty members and four students on an expense-paid trip to Chicago to attend the full schedule of 2011 Homecoming events. The Florida students and faculty were chosen via a special lottery held on the Florida campus.

“We understand that it can be especially difficult for members of our Florida campus community to travel to Illinois for Homecoming, but on the other hand, it’s very important to make sure they are involved. That’s why we decided to offer this opportunity,” said President James F. Winterstein.

Dr. Rudy Heiser, faculty clinician at National University’s on-campus clinic in Florida was fortunate to be chosen for the Homecoming trip. “Every single student had an amazing time, and for some it was their first trip to the Illinois campus. For myself, I was able to see old students, old friends and fellow alumni. It was a great Homecoming. The highlight for me was Dr. Dale Buchberger’s presentation on ‘Current Concepts in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Treatment and Rehabilitation.‘ ”

nuhs florida student group nuhs homecoming

(Pictured above (l-r) is the Florida campus group: Dr. Rudy Heiser, student Amber Fogarty, student Bethany Dixon, student Jordan Vanderveen, staff member Deb Bechtel, student Theresa Wright, Dean Joseph Stiefel, Mrs. Cynthia Winterstein and Dr. James Winterstein. Not pictured, Dr. Rebecca Walter.)

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