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Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Convention

by Sep 16, 2016

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My final week of Trimester Five couldn’t end soon enough. I received a scholarship for my essay on chiropractic in sports medicine. To briefly summarize, the modalities of treatment we offer can benefit athletes of all calibers. Manual therapy, rehab exercises, functional taping, and nutritional counseling are a few treatments that could help athletes specifically. Scholarships are also based on other criteria such as cumulative GPA, involvement in extracurricular activities, and philanthropic participation. I was pleased to earn a scholarship because it was a welcomed reminder that hard work pays off.

At the scholarship presentation with Dr. Daniel Strauss, dean of NUHS Florida

After finishing 10 exams in four days, it was time to enjoy some rest and relaxation at the beautiful beaches of Pinellas County. I was celebrating the end of my trimester and reaching the halfway mark of the program. My mother came down to visit for a few days and we spent the first three days of break at the beach soaking up some rays and watching the sun set over the gulf. Those days allowed me to clear my head and mentally prepare for the upcoming trimester.

After showing my mother around St. Petersburg, she went back home to New Jersey and I drove to the Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Convention in Orlando, Florida. Since I am going to school in Florida, I joined the FCA in order to network with students and doctors not just in Florida but also from all over the country.

Florida Chiropractic Assocation’s National Convention

The FCA’s National Convention is the largest event for chiropractic. This came as a big surprise to me because I did not think anything could top the American Chiropractic Association’s National Chiropractic Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. I was wrong much to my surprise. The FCA’s National convention was huge! The expo had hundreds of vendors giving samples of topical analgesics, nutritional supplements, kinesiology tapes, and other therapeutic tools. I tried to visit every booth at the expo but there were so many that it wasn’t feasible to visit every single one.

In addition to the expo, there were plenty of lectures held by doctors from all over the country. I attended a workshop on taping by the former chiropractor of the Toronto Blue Jays, Dr. Jennifer Illes. She is currently practicing in Buffalo, New York, and teaches at D’Youville’s chiropractic college. I also attended Dr. David Seaman’s presentation on diet and pain, Dr. William Kleber’s presentation on endocrinology, Dr. Thomas Hyde’s presentation on instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, and Dr. Greg Doerr’s presentation on taping and rehabilitation. My biggest problem was deciding which lectures to attend. I ended up missing some lectures I wanted to see because others were at the same time.

With Dr. David Seaman

Thankfully the FCA tries to have the same lecturers present for a few years in a row. I hope to see the presenters I missed at the next FCA National Convention. I was able to snap a picture with Dr. Seaman the nutrition guru and one of my favorite professors at NUHS Florida.

I flew home to New Jersey the day after I returned from the FCA and attended the New Jersey Chiropractic Council on Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation’s seminar on instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation and taping. I continue to try and hone my skills in soft tissue manipulation and functional evaluation for musculoskeletal conditions as that will most likely be the majority of patients I will see. I returned home shortly after Labor Day to start Trimester Six. Now I am back in Florida and ready to take on a whole new set of classes.

Thanks for reading my blog, if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

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