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Finals Week and Christmas Break

by Dec 17, 2021

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This trimester, as every trimester, has gone by so quickly! I cannot believe finals are here, and all of us are definitely feeling the anxiety of the exams. It is important to take a moment (or two) every day to relax, rehydrate, and rejuvenate. Also, take one day at a time to make sure to minimize the feelings of being overwhelmed throughout finals week.

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Once finals are done, relaxation commences. This year, I will be traveling to Missouri to see my family for Christmas. After Christmas, I will be traveling to Mexico with my husband’s family to enjoy the beach and ultimate relaxation. Although the break will be rejuvenating in some ways, I will be studying for Part I Boards heavily during break. Similar to creating a finals schedule during the trimester, it is important to create a plan for studying for board exams.

The book is lengthy, and it would be easy to get overwhelmed with the daunting task of reviewing every piece of biochemistry and anatomy that I dumped out of my brain months ago. As I have learned throughout the chiropractic program, you must take every day as a new day of studying, to compartmentalize the large amount of material, and ultimately to set yourself up for success. With these thoughts in mind, I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas break with their friends and family, and gets the much needed rest and relaxation that we have all worked 15 weeks to deserve!

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Hannah Synon

Hannah Synon

My name is Hannah, and I am in Phase III of the chiropractic program at NUHS. I was raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, a beautiful town on Lake Michigan. Currently, I live in Schaumburg with my husband, Zach. I love to travel, bake, and watch horror movies. Chiropractic medicine is my passion, as it provides more natural remedies and methods for obtaining a healthier life. I love meeting new people, and I look forward to sharing my chiropractic journey with you.


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