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Faculty A - B

Botterman, Kelsey

Kelsey Botterman, DC, ND Attending Clinician, NUHS Whole Health Center Dr. Kelsey Botterman is a 2015 graduate of National University of Health Sciences with a degree in Chiropractic Medicine and a 2016 graduate with a degree In Naturopathic Medicine. She also holds a...

Bose, Amanda

Amanda Bose, DC, ND, MSACP Clinician, Naturopathic MedicineĀ  Dr. Amanda Bose is naturopathic medicine clinician at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard, Illinois. She earned her doctor of chiropractic degree at the National University Florida-site and her doctor of...

Bogar, William C.

“We prepare our students for an integrative medical environment. They know what an MRI will show versus a CAT scan versus a nuclear scan versus conventional radiography. They understand each of these modalities and what each is utilized for.”

Bifulco, Edward J.

Edward J. Bifulco, DC Instructor, Clinical Sciences Dr. Edward Bifulco has been a member of the Department of Chiropractic Practice since 1988, and is a graduate of the National College of Chiropractic (now the National University of Health Sciences). Dr. Ed (as he is...

Bifero, Antonio

Antonio Bifero, DC, MS, MBA Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences Dr. Antonio Bifero is a primary care chiropractic physician who specializes in functional medicine and disorders of the spine. Prior to his career as a chiropractic physician, he spent several years in...

Aikenhead, Kristine

“Where can you get training that’s science-based, that’s going to take the whole person into consideration, that will give you a well-rounded approach that provides primary care preparation? At National, you’re prepared in a primary care way.”