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Dr. Manuel Duarte Speaks to Medical Schools in Turkey

by Jan 14, 2013

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Dr. Manuel Duarte, chair for the department of clinical practice at NUHS, travelled to both Ankara and Istanbul Turkey several weeks ago, at the invitation of Faith University and Istanbul Bilim University. There, he spoke to students, faculty, physicians and leaders in the fields of both physical therapy and orthopedics.

“I was invited by the medical schools to speak on the relationship between foot and ankle posture and low back pain,” says Dr. doctor manual duarte medical school turkeyDuarte. “Specifically, they wanted to know how we examine the foot, the significance and reliability of our tests, how we use them and how they fit into an exam. My talk covered navicular drop tests, movement of first ray, leg length, and the link between the foot and chronic lower back pain through the kinetic chain.” Dr. Duarte had an interpreter for his four-hour presentation, which he gave to three separate audiences – one in Ankara, and two in Istanbul.

“I was very well received,” says Dr. Duarte, who in many ways served as an ambassador for the chiropractic profession on his trip. “The audience had lots of questions.  There isn’t a noticeable presence of a chiropractic profession in Turkey, with only a handful of chiropractic physicians in the whole country. The physical therapy and orthopedic specialists I spoke to were fascinated by what we do. They wanted to know more about spinal adjustments and how we interact with neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. They wanted to know how a DC fit into the overall health care system here in the U.S.”

blue mosque istanbulDr. Duarte had a brief chance to see a few sights in Istanbul, including the Blue Mosque and some of the catacombs. “I made the effort to get out of my hotel and found that their public transportation system was excellent. I enjoyed the sights, and the food -which for the most part is quite healthy.”

Dr. Duarte hopes to return to Turkey during for another seminar this Spring. When he returns, he will speak on the same topic of foot and back pain, taking it to the next level to cover adjustment and rehabilitation techniques.

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