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by Nov 18, 2022

It’s November — we are almost there!! This is my first trimester being an intern. I absolutely love seeing patients, it’s a dream come true. So far, I have gotten all the jitters out, but my needling is still a bit slow. I really want to make sure I have the point location exact. The area I struggle in is diagnosing.

TCM Tongue Diagnosis Organ System Map

The intake with the 10 TCM questions along with the tongue and pulse should lead me to a working diagnosis. Now if I am in class and we do a case study I can clearly tell what the diagnosis should be. Maybe it is the pressure or connecting the dots in real time but unless it’s obvious I struggle. The Clinicians are very patient and helpful, which I truly appreciate. Senior interns are encouraging as well and say, “everything will come together.” At times I am not so sure.

In my Advanced Diagnosis class, we are learning how to determine and select the necessary points to treat patients. This is another layer that I am trying to include in my acupuncturist’s toolkit. This is one of the many reasons why I love AOM. There are so many possibilities to treat disharmony in the body. BUT YOU MUST HAVE A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS!!! I know this is my first trimester in the clinic, but I often assess my progress and make note of my strengths and areas where I see an opportunity for growth. I would love to hear input regarding your clinic journey.

Until then, enjoy the Fall break and do something that makes your heart happy and grateful!

— Monique, Tri-4

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Monique Carter

Monique Carter

My name is Monique Carter and I am a student in National University's AOM program. I chose this program because the basic tenets of Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs align with a holistic healing process that is steeped in years of tradition and research. I anticipate that learning these skills and applying this knowledge will allow me to help many in need. Starting this journey at the age of 49 has been humbling as well as life-changing, I am excited and grateful!


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