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Club Meetings and Tri Mixer

by Oct 2, 2015

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The trimester is in Week Three and clubs have started their meetings. Chirogames Club, Motion Palpation Club, Student American Chiropractic Association, and Sports Rehab Club all had their first meetings this week. I attended all but one because I had work. Each club discussed their plans for the trimester including fundraisers, community outreach, and event schedules.

In Motion Palpation Club, we also dove right into palpation. We did a full thoracic assessment, which was new for the first trimester students but a review for everyone else. The rest of the officers and I were walking around helping the newer students. I also had a chance to practice motion palpation of the thoracic spine.

Classes continued as always and it is no surprise the material is piling up. The first Nutritional Biochemistry exam is next week, and the rest of the exams are also rapidly approaching. At the moment I am having the most difficulty with Histology & Embryology II. We are discussing the fetal heart, its function and physiology, its development, and the tissues it is composed of.


I know I will be able to differentiate after studying the material. However, the flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood is much different as briefly shown in the picture above. We also discussed the development of the heart from the embryonic stages. It is truly amazing how something as complex as the human heart develops. It is also very hard to fully remember and understand.

Speaking of the heart, we dissected the heart in anatomy lab this week. Another incredible anatomy lab! We were able to feel the differences between the thicknesses of the valves. Though the aortic and pulmonary valves look alike, the leaflets of the aortic valve are much thicker than the leaflets of the pulmonary valve. It makes sense when we think about it, but after feeling the difference it is much easier to remember.


After a long and difficult week of classes, we had our Tri Mixer. This trimester we had it downtown at an Irish pub called MacDinton’s. There was a plethora of food including salad, seafood, and chicken wings. It was a great time! The Tri Mixer is a great opportunity to hang out with classmates and fellow students outside of the classroom. I became friends with a lot of first trimester students, hung out with the upper trimester students, and enjoyed time with my classmates. I am looking forward to more great times with these great people.


Of course the week ended with football Sunday. A few of my national friends and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games. Though my New York Jets lost, it was still a lot of fun. As graduate students we need a break from studying from time to time and down here in Florida, there are always ways to get a break from the stress.

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