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Chiropractic Care in Pediatric & Pregnancy Health

by Dec 8, 2023

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There has been growing recognition of the potential uses of chiropractic care in both pediatric settings and during pregnancy. Gentle adjustments for little ones aim to ensure proper spinal alignment and enhancing nervous system function. During my preceptorship, I have had the opportunity to observe how beneficial chiropractic care has been for pediatric patients. From addressing common childhood issues like colic and ear infections to promoting overall wellness, chiropractic care for children is gaining recognition for its non-invasive and drug-free approach.

In regard to the theory behind how pediatric adjustments may be associated with decreased frequency of ear infections, the Eustachian tubes connect the middle ear to the back of the throat and play a crucial role in regulating pressure in the middle ear and draining fluids. The tubes are shorter and more horizontal in children than adults, which makes kids more prone to fluid buildup and blockages. Upper cervical spine adjustments may help optimize nervous system function and potentially impact the Eustachian tube and immune response, as well as influence the muscle functions around the Eustachian tubes to aid in better fluid drainage. Chiropractic care can also support immune system function, enhancing the body to defend itself against infections. Last, proper spinal alignment, nervous system regulations and reduction in muscle tension may also mitigate factors that contribute to colic and help improve digestion for pediatric patients.

There are also many positive impacts of chiropractic care during pregnancy. For starters, chiropractic care can alleviate discomfort as the body undergoes significant changes, especially in the lower back and pelvic regions. Chiropractors can also address pelvic misalignments that may occur due to the increased weight and shifting posture during gestation. Maintaining proper pelvic balance can reduce back pain and optimize the positioning of the baby, especially in preparation for labor and delivery. As mentioned previously, adjustments can improve nervous system function which can improve overall health and contribute to a smoother pregnancy experience. The Webster Technique, which is a gentle and non-invasive procedure that is specifically designed for pregnant women, aims to address sacral misalignments, reduce tension in the surrounding ligaments (ie: Round Ligament), and may reduce breech presentations. While it doesn’t involve direction manipulation of the baby, the technique focuses on the sacrum, aiming to generate an optimal environment for the baby’s movement and positioning within the uterus. I’ve seen many pregnant women enter the practice with low back pain, pelvic muscle tension, and radiating symptoms. After treatment, they always claim to feel drastically better!

As guardians of growth, chiropractic care gently guides the way for our littlest companions and expectant mothers alike!

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Alexandra Simic Hachmann

Alexandra Simic Hachmann

My name is Alexandra Simic Hachmann and I am currently in my 10th trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic program here at NUHS - Florida. I am officially an intern at the HEC clinic! I have obtained a B.A. in Biology and Biomedical Sciences, as well as a Master of Medical Science degree. While I believe my educational background has helped me succeed in this challenging program, I appreciate all the professors’ efforts in helping us excel and prepare for our careers. As a hands-on visual learner, I am embracing the palpation courses and anatomy labs offered! I am still determining which field in chiropractic I would like to pursue; thus, readers should stick around to discover this with me! I hope to bring insightful content to this blog and demonstrate what student life is like at NUHS in sunny Florida.


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