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Chiro Games Fundraiser and Functional Rehab Seminar

by Apr 13, 2016

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I can’t believe it is already Week 14. I have finals the next two weeks so I am going to be battening down the hatches and sailing off into the storm. I did well on my midterms so I know I should have nothing to worry about, but that is easier said than done. Finals Week always carries a higher load of stress than any other week in the trimester and I have come to accept that. I am happy with the way last week went because I know I will have no time for fun and games these next two weeks.


Tuesday, we had a standardized patient come in for Evaluation and Management of the Head and Cervical Spine. We went over taking history and coming up with a differential diagnosis. Wednesday, we had a quiz in Nutrition class and the rest of the week we had our last lectures before finals.


I am pleased to say I finally found a competitive soccer team to play with. Prior to last week, I was playing mostly pickup games and playing in recreational leagues which was fun, but as a former collegiate athlete, I was craving higher competition. I will be practicing Wednesday nights with the Tampa Dynamo from here on out. I am also pleased to say our fundraiser for the Chiro Games Club went very well. Since most of us play ping pong, it was our idea to have a ping pong tournament.


We drew numbers out of a hat, made a bracket, and let the games begin. We had a great turnout of both upper and lower trimester students. There was stiff competition and unfortunately I lost in the semifinals. Two second tri students, Tom and Rany, were the finalists. After a phenomenal match, Rany was crowned the champion. Afterwards we all hung out and played some more ping pong just for fun. It was a great time and I want to thank everyone for coming out. I also have to say congratulations to Rany! I am looking forward to winning the next tournament!

The following day we went to a local karaoke bar in St. Petersburg. My friend Stef was singing in the finals of a karaoke contest with the hopes of winning the cash prize of $300. She did great but unfortunately didn’t win. It was a close call but she was glad we all came out to support her.


Sunday, I attended a seminar in Tampa called “Mastering the Clinical Audit Process” with Dr. Justin Dean. He is a part of the organization: Rehab 2 Performance, which focuses on Functional Rehabilitation. He showed us the protocol for the clinical audit process and stressed the importance of empowering the patient. He also showed us some soft tissue techniques and discussed the neural component of pain rather than the common perception that most pain is muscular. The seminar allowed us to work hands-on, and we even had a real patient come in which allowed Dr. Dean to show us the clinical process first hand. It was an excellent learning experience and I look forward to incorporating his soft tissue technique and the clinical audit process into my future practice.


As I mentioned before, finals start this week so this is my last blog post for the trimester. I want to thank everyone who read my posts and hope this helped you see what life is like at NUHS. I will be done with Phase One in less than two weeks and then it is on to Phase Two, the clinical sciences. If you have any questions about the basic sciences phase, please email me! I am 1/3 of the way through the program and feel I can give a good overview of the program at this point. Be sure to check out my blog next trimester when I begin the clinical sciences phase.

Please email me at [email protected].

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