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Blank Pages and Independence Day

by Jul 7, 2016

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“Blank.” It’s the default title of my composition and a fitting comment on my state of mind as I’m finishing up my fourth straight week of examinations, and moving into my fifth. It’s not so much that my knowledge banks are empty, or that I feel as though my recall is slipping; it’s more a state of mind — blunted and static.

This trimester, more than the others, is characterized by a steady, subtle presence exerting a sense of diffuse urgency over every aspect of life. It’s almost as if both the devil and the angel perched on my shoulders have conspired and are sub-audibly whispering the same message into my ears, “study, study, study.” I’m giving serious consideration to embracing the agnostic lifestyle to rid myself of their incessant whispering (I swear I’m not schizophrenic, I’m just getting carried away with this analogy).

Although, no matter how many blank compositions one comes across, they’re always eventually filled with personality and words, stories and insights. There is always a sense of camaraderie within the student body. Commiseration is an effective, beautiful way to bond and discover novel ways to overcome obstacles. Whether it’s the sharing of study materials or strategies, or perhaps a link to a good supplement to help with adrenal support, there’s always someone on campus eager to help out.

Conner all tuckered out

There are little breaks to help catch your breath and fill your blank pages with words. This week that break was thanks to our national breakup with the British in 1776. The 4th of July weekend was a very welcome opportunity to go home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a day to spend some time with family and see my nephew, Conner. Despite the impending exam scheduled for Tuesday morning, I had a fantastic time catching up with cousins, aunts, and uncles — all the while explaining why exactly it is that Conner’s hands and feet are chronically curled up (axons from neurons that inhibit the flexor motor pools aren’t myelinated yet). So, even the blankets of pages are quickly filled with wonderful memories and useful information.

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