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Biomechanics, Soft Tissue, and Bob Dylan

by Jul 1, 2016

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Midterms are winding down, with only a few, sporadically placed exams yet to be administered over the next couple of weeks. So far we’ve covered Cardiology, Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary Evaluation and Management, EENT, Neurological Systems, and finally Extremities this past Wednesday. The various muscles and ligaments that play a role in proper biomechanics of both closed and open chain actions of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip were tested on. It’s a different ballgame than gross anatomy. It’s functional movement and the exam reflected that. It tested the knowledge of how each muscle fits into a bigger picture of movement and biomechanics — not just the basic, isolated movement it performs over an open chain joint. It’s not something that you can just rote memorize, it requires thought and deep understanding. It’s the possession and habituation of these two skills that Phase Two classes emphasize, which to me makes them all the more enjoyable and practical.

A taste of an average Arthritides lecture

The only three midterms we have left are in Radiology of Arthritides, Pharmacology, and E&M of the Musculoskeletal System. The one class in which there is no midterm is, arguably, our most hands-on class — Soft Tissue Management. This class has proven to be a useful, common sense introduction, not into the world of joint manipulation, but into the world of soft tissue manipulation. We learn Swedish massage, pin-and-stretch, and tool-assisted soft tissue among a multitude of other modalities. Under Dr. Yuri Korvatko’s watchful eyes and well-practiced hands, we’re encouraged to determine which modalities will work best for us as well as our preferred scope of practice. Being a one-credit class, there is only a cumulative final that is performed as a one-on-one exam, while the professor assesses your skills in each category.

Over the past week I had to drop down my work hours to practically zilch. It wasn’t just due to midterms as the very future of my job was in jeopardy. A bill that would require all rideshare drivers (Uber and Lyft) to take multiple classes and obtain a chauffeur’s license had passed a preliminary hearing in the Chicago City Council and was heading towards a full council vote. This surely would have meant the premature death of my job, as a similar bill had been passed in Austin that spurred Uber and Lyft to withdraw from the city completely. Thankfully, Mayor Rahm Emanuel shut the bill down (some assume because his brother owns über amounts of stock in Uber — pun intended). Regardless of his motive, thousands of Chicagoans and I still have our job.

My friends getting settled in for Bob Dylan!

A ticket to see Bob Dylan at Ravinia landed in my lap so I wasn’t complaining about the time I took off from work. It was the perfect venue to enjoy such a legendary music figure who has influenced music over the past five decades. Summer in Chicago never ceases to amaze

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