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Five Objectives

students and faculty in hands on lab

Training Physicians in Five Objectives

Did you ever wonder what makes an effective and successful doctor or health care professional? National University of Health Sciences expects its students in the College of Professional Studies to meet a minimum
performance standard in the following Five Objectives:

1. Biomedical Science Knowledge

The naturopathic graduate will possess a thorough knowledge and comprehension of the biomedical sciences as they currently relate to diagnosis, treatment, and the determinants of health, along with lifelong learning skills to stay abreast of new and emerging developments in biomedical knowledge.  

2. Proficiency and Assessment of Naturopathic Principles

The naturopathic graduate will be proficient in the assessment of patient health status, diagnosis, referral, and case management of patients informed by appraisal of current evidence and application of naturopathic principles.  

3. Treatment Plans of Naturopathic Principles

The naturopathic graduate will be skilled in creating treatment plans that address the determinants of health, follow a therapeutic hierarchy/order, are informed by evidence, and are congruent with naturopathic principles.

4. Patient Interaction

The naturopathic graduate will be ethical, compassionate, and professional in interactions with patients.

5. Health Care

The naturopathic graduate will be proficient in working within the contemporary health care milieu, including working within health systems and integrative settings, and will be able to gather essential information about and adhere to local, state, and federal regulations.

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