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Flexible Track Option
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Flexible Track Option

The first phase of the three-phase ND curriculum provides the basic science foundation for understanding human health and well-being. Courses are organized along traditional disciplinary lines in human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, with additional courses in microbiology and pathology. It will take a minimum of four trimesters to complete this first phase of the curriculum.

We know that the majority of students will successfully handle this initial load. However, we recognize that some students may have family, employment or other personal issues that may affect their ability to complete the first phase in an effective manner. So, National University offers a flexible track option to meet those individual needs.

Rather than completing Phase 1 of the curriculum in four terms, students who choose to enter into one of the optional tracks may take either five or six terms to complete this phase. Each track is designed to follow the required prerequisite sequence of disciplinary courses, as well as the cross-disciplinary corequisites. The total number of credit hours remains the same regardless of the number of terms needed to complete the phase, so there is no additional tuition expense associated with opting into either the five- or six-term track. However, once a student starts the term in either the five- or six-term track, they are obligated to complete the entire phase in that track.

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If you have any questions about the flexible track option, please contact your admissions counselor.