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UWS Collaborative Program
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​UWS/NUHS Collaborative Agreement

If you are a DC student or a graduate from University of Western States, you can now take advantage of this collaborative agreement between National University and University of Western States.

Started in 2015, this agreement allows you to complete your doctor of naturopathic medicine degree in as few as four additional trimesters, saving you both time and tuition expenses as well as providing you with expanded career options and a greater earning potential.

In order to apply, you must be in your 5th quarter or later, and have a minimum of 2.50 cumulative GPA in your DC program at UWS.

You must complete a NUHS application for the ND program. You can apply online.


Preceptorship and Additional Courses at NUHS (4 terms post UWS graduation)

CourseCourse NameCredits
Term 0 (Internship & Additional Courses) (Completion of DC degree) – 28.0 Credits
IC7002Clinical Internship III17.0
NN6206NPharmacology II3.0
NN6308NBotanical Medicine II4.0
NN6301Clinical Nutrition4.0
Term 1 – 23.5 Credits
NT5110NFoundations of Naturopathic Medicine I2.0
NP5312NIntroduction to Naturopathic Counseling1.5
HY5409NHydrotherapy & Traditional Naturopathy2.0
NN5212NHomeopathy I1.0
NN6112NHomeopathy II4.0
NN6212NHomeopathy III4.0
NT5211NBasic Science Applications: Determinants of Health1.5
NT6110NAdvanced Naturopathic Clinical Theory1.0
NT6210NApplied Naturopathic Clinical Theory2.0
NX6215NAdvanced Laboratory Diagnosis and Endocrinology2.5
ND6317NClinic Observation2.0
Term 2 – 28.0 Credits
NT5210NFoundations of Naturopathic Medicine II1.0
ON5311NOriental Medicine (ND)1.5
NN6312NHomeopathy IV4.0
NN6412NBotanical Medicine III: Advanced Naturopathic Botanical Prescribing3.0
ND6315NHydrotherapy Clinical Rotation1.0
NP6415NAdvanced Topics in Women’s Health1.0
NN6416NAdvanced Nutrition: Functional Medicine2.0
NP6417NInternal Medicine / Emergency Medicine4.5
NP6418NNaturopathic Management of Special Populations1.0
ND6410NInternship I9.0
Term 3 – 21. 5 Credits
NN7109NBotanical Medicine IV: Advanced Materia Medica1.0
NP6419NEnvironmental Medicine / Toxicology / Detoxification1.0
ST7107NMinor Surgery1.5
ND7110NInternship II16.0
Term 4 – 14.0 Credits
ND7210NInternship III14.0
Total Credits – 115.0 Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider an additional degree in Naturopathic Medicine?

Adding a ND degree to your DC credential will increase your career options and earning potential. You will have an expanded scope of practice (e.g., prescription rights, minor surgery) in some states that license NDs.

How will the UWS/NUHS Collaborative Agreement benefit me?

Participating students will be able to obtain a ND degree in as little as 4 additional trimesters. This agreement allows for completion of both degrees in a shorter timeframe than if they were taken independently. Additionally, students will benefit from cost savings and reduced loan debt.

How does it work?

UWS Student (5th quarter – 11th quarter)

  • Students who have completed 11 quarters of the DC program at UWS and have been accepted into the ND program at NUHS, then transfer to the NUHS campus for their final term of DC internship. Students will take specific ND coursework while finishing their DC internship and then complete the program in 4 additional trimesters, spending 5 terms in total on the NUHS campus.

UWS Student (12th quarter) or UWS Graduate

  • Students who are already in their last term at UWS, or who have graduated, would still be required to spend 5 terms on the NUHS campus to complete the ND program.

When am I eligible to apply?

You may apply in the 5th quarter (or later) of your UWS DC program. If you have already graduated from UWS, you are eligible for the agreement, however, the ND program must be completed within 8 years of the start of your DC program.

Will I be eligible for financial aid for the ND program?

Financial aid is available for any student who qualifies and is accepted into the ND program

How do I apply?

You must complete a NUHS application for the ND program. You are welcome to use the online application, however the $55 application fee will be charged.

If accepted into the program, a $225 deposit fee will be required.

What are the admission requirements?

  • 2.50 cumulative GPA in DC program at UWS
  • Grade of ‘C ‘ or better on individual DC coursework at UWS
  • Completion of 11 or 12 quarters of DC program at UWS

What do I need to submit for admission consideration?

  1. Completed application (download paper application or apply online)
  2. Two character references (download form)
  3. Three essays
  4. Official undergraduate transcripts
  5. Official UWS transcript
  6. Phone interview

Are there any prerequisite course requirements for the ND program?

UWS students who have completed the prerequisites for the DC program at UWS, will be considered to have met the prerequisite course requirements for the ND program.

What are the living accommodations?

NUHS has apartment style housing on campus. UWS students participating in this agreement will have preferred status for a limited number of units each trimester.

Who should I contact for further information?

Please contact the admissions office or call 1-800-826-6567 if you have questions or would like additional information.