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ACA Engage 2023!

by Feb 10, 2023

The Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) members from NUHS went to ACA Engage 2023 recently in Washington, D.C. The conference held many educational opportunities for continuing education credits, presentations from world-class leaders in the chiropractic profession and panel discussions discussing topics regarding the modern chiropractic profession and the issues it faces.

Washington DC_Capitol

Some of the educational seminars included postural neurology, the role of chiropractic care in post-concussion syndrome, and a discussion on pain and its multifaceted qualities and treatment. It was an amazing networking event, where chiropractors from across the United States gathered and shared ideas for success in the field. Most importantly, lobbying occurred on Capitol Hill where students, chiropractic physicians and individuals from state chiropractic societies gathered to discuss the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act with members of Congress. Medicare currently limits seniors’ access to chiropractic services by only covering adjustments. Due to this limitation, patients could face more costly or higher-risk procedures that are often unnecessary. Additionally, chiropractic care and reducing this limitation could provide part of the answer for the issue with opioids.

It was an amazing experience being involved in the legislative process in regard to chiropractic medicine. It is important that we, as emerging professionals, become involved in this conference and lobbying opportunity to better the profession and broaden our ability to help our patients. The trip was an amazing opportunity to grow as a future chiropractic physician, and I plan on continuing my growth by returning to the ACA Engage conference January 24th-27th in 2024!

Also this year at Engage 2023…The NUHS-Lombard SACA chapter received the Most Improved Chapter Award! The Chapter earned the award by demonstrating success in increasing membership and hosting campus events, as well as participating in Engage 2023’s lobbying efforts for chiropractic coverage under Medicare. The Chapter was nominated for the award by members of other SACA chapters, including Katy Kennedy, SACA National Chair, and received the award January 25.

NUHS Lombard SACA - Most improved chapter

L-R: NUHS Lombard SACA Officers – Brycen Valiga, Public Relations; Taylor Schregardus, Vice Chair; Jill Zalesski, Treasurer and Hannah Synon, Chair.


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Hannah Synon

Hannah Synon

My name is Hannah, and I am in Phase III of the chiropractic program at NUHS. I was raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, a beautiful town on Lake Michigan. Currently, I live in Schaumburg with my husband, Zach. I love to travel, bake, and watch horror movies. Chiropractic medicine is my passion, as it provides more natural remedies and methods for obtaining a healthier life. I love meeting new people, and I look forward to sharing my chiropractic journey with you.


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