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Chiropractic Medicine Student – James Morosky

james moroskyJames earned his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University where he majored in biology with a minor in psychology. While still in high school, James arranged to “shadow” a local chiropractic physician, spending time at the doctor’s practice to see first-hand what the career entailed. The doctor that James shadowed had graduated from National.

“Since I was originally considering medical school, National appealed to me. I chose chiropractic medicine because I appreciate an approach to health care that doesn’t rely on drugs and yet doesn’t eschew them. Likewise, I also appreciated National because it doesn’t rely exclusively on adjustments for health care,” says James.

“National teaches many different modalities of care, and works to build bridges to understand other branches of medical care. I felt this would better prepare me for my future career as a physician.”

He also chose National because of its excellent business and marketing program. “I really didn’t have any knowledge in that area and knew I needed to learn business skills in order to set up a future practice. Nothing the other schools offered came close to what National had in this regard.”

james moroskyWhen he graduates, James hopes to practice in Ohio, Colorado or Pennsylvania. He can foresee himself working in an integrative medical setting where he can consult with MDs, DOs, acupuncturists, and massage therapists as part of patient care. James also would like to pursue continuing education in internal medicine and neurology.

What’s James’ advice to undergrads currently shopping for the right career and right school? “Consider all possibilities, because the future will always be changing. Back in high school, becoming an MD was tops on my list. That was before the huge alternative health care boom that’s going on now. People are demanding natural medicine. Now I’m glad I got into chiropractic medicine when it’s looking like there’s an upswing. But the bottom line is to go with what you love.”

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