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About Iuliana Lixandru, Oriental Medicine Student Blogger

by Sep 1, 2016

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Hello! I’m Iuliana and I’m a student at National University of Health Sciences in the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program. I began the program in September 2015 and am now I’m in my fourth trimester.


I never thought I would end up studying Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. My journey has been, to say the least, interesting. I have studied Political Science and worked in a corporate environment for many years. I was used to 12-hour working days, eating on the rush, drinking too much coffee, and not taking care of my body. I was young and I didn’t feel anything wrong until later on.

I was 28 when my body completely failed me and I was crawling on my bathroom floor in so much pain I couldn’t stand straight. That was only the beginning! The next two years I struggled with kidney stones, allergies, miscarriages, a very weak immune system, and many other health issues. On top of all those, my emotions were all over the place due to my relocation to the USA. I was missing my home country of Romania, and I was missing my family and friends. I was feeling sad and depressed.

Western medicine managed to help me only when I was taking painkillers, and I wasn’t happy to live like that all my life. I started looking into alternative therapies and one of the first things that helped tremendously with my pain was acupuncture. I discovered acupuncture in 2005, but I was only a diligent patient and wasn’t thinking about studying it.

Fast-forward another two years. I was healthier but still not happy with the slow progress of my recovery. I started reading anything related to alternative medicine, took workshops, tried lots of therapies, became a yoga instructor, studied Ayurveda, nutrition, and iridology.

Everything was coming together and not only I was feeling better but I was happy helping others. Having worked in a corporate environment before, I felt the need for more structure, so I could plan my business better, have success and help as many people as possible. I looked into different schools and programs and I chose the best option for myself, which was NUHS – MSOM.

Here I am, only one year later, already in my fourth trimester, taking as many classes as I can, making new friends and planning my future practice. For all the new students, it may seem like you have no idea where you’re going or what you’re going to do after graduation, but each trimester is going to help you feel more confident! You’ll discover your passions, your weaknesses, but also your strengths! Everything you’ll experience will transform you into a very good practitioner!

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, and if I can help you in any way let me know and I’ll do my best!

My email address is [email protected].

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About the Author

Iuliana Lixandru

Iuliana Lixandru

Hello! I'm Iuliana and I'm a student at National University of Health Sciences in the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program.


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