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A Time of Transformation

by Aug 6, 2021

It’s Week 13 and there are just a couple of more weeks before the trimester comes to an end–and with it, my journey as a student in NUHS’ Doctor of Chiropractic Program. As such, I have been in reflection on all my experiences and the changes that have occurred with me from; starting Phase1, Trimester 1 and becoming a student of Natural Medicine studying Basic Sciences; to becoming a Doctor-In-Training in Phase 2 with the simulated patient care of the Clinical Sciences; until now, Phase 3, Trimester 10 and preparing to be honored and displayed, as I emerge as a doctor in the field on the date set for Summer Graduation, August 20. The entire process, from Trimester 1 until Graduation, brings to mind the metamorphosis of the butterfly—or, I guess it’s actually the metamorphosis of the egg that becomes the butterfly.

Monarch Butterfly

So, a butterfly becomes a butterfly in stages; egg, caterpillar, chrysalis/cocoon, butterfly. Each one of these brings about a new presentation of the same insect and in the Chrysalis/Cocoon stage, there is a period of digesting, protecting, and hardening, before the imago or mature thing emerges. That’s kinda how it is in the Program…you start out immature in the world of Natural and Physical Medicine, you grow and change some, before the final period of transformation in which you digest what you learned through practical application via Clinic Internship and real patient care. What emerges is a Doctor of Chiropractic who is prepared to go into the field and make the world a more magnificent place!

It’s almost time to take flight!

Please share some of the transformations in your Chiropractic journey.


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About the Author

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee is an 10th Trimester Chiropractic Medicine student, a 2020-21 Senior Ambassador of NCMIC’s Starting Into Practice Student Program on the NUHS Lombard Campus, and a 2020-21 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellow. Through blogging for NUHS’ website, Rameda hopes to acquire and exercise skills that will allow her to represent herself both personally and professionally and to be in a position to assist others in their decision making regarding; choosing a Program of Study; attending NUHS; and in gaining insights into what student life at NUHS, Lombard would be like.


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