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Access Electronic Resources

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How to Access Electronic Resources

Electronic Access at NUHS

For further information on accessing and utilizing library electronic resources, please refer to Electronic Access at NUHS.

NCBI on PubMed

View instructions on Using My NCBI on PubMed including set-up, customizing, highlighting, and saving searches.

A-to-Z (Full Text Finder)

Using the first listing under  eResources (A-to-Z) will provide you with the most complete listing and allow you to access other electronic resources remotely while you are off campus. Please remember to use  A-to-Z (Full Text Finder) and the  online catalog to identify our resources before submitting interlibrary loan request.

A-to-Z (Full Text Finder) provides a comprehensive online list of over 100,000 electronic journals, eBooks and streaming videos. It also provides links to our databases. Search by keyword or browse an alphabetical list by title or subject.

Most of our electronic resources use IP address authentication so you should not require a login when connected through the Lombard campus networks (student and faculty) as well as most of the other recognized university IP addresses (including Florida). You will be prompted for a login to access these resources from off-campus. Unless otherwise indicated, this login should consist of your 14-digit library bar code and your 4-digit PIN. Please contact the circulation desk at [email protected] or (630) 889-6612 if you do not know your PIN.

A-to-Z (Full Text Finder) generally should default to a title search which can be used to browse for titles by using a keyword (Title Contains) or searching for specific titles (works best using a phrase in quotation marks from the title such as “american journal of physiology”). You also can search by selecting a letter from the alphabetical list and then the second letter (such as the letter a and then am to begin to browse in the drop-down menu of titles for a title that begins with the word American).

A to Z research articles search field

A-to-Z search area

Please note that you can limit titles to Journals Only or to Books Only. But currently you can only search for streaming videos and some databases (e.g., Natural Standard) by using All Titles.

Other eResources

You also can use A-to-Z to link to most of our databases, streaming video packages, electronic journal providers and electronic book providers by clicking on Index in the grey horizontal menu bar. This will take you to a display of links to these resources and a link to the Title List for each resource.

display of links to eresources

Other resources are accessible via A-to-Z

Please note that although most resources rely on IP address authentication, some require a login. In those cases, this information will be displayed in the A-to-Z record for that resource when you are logged into A-to-Z (but will not display otherwise).

Titles will be added and removed as our access changes. Please report any problems to [email protected].