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Oriental Medicine Student – Elizabeth Spicher

aom student lisa campus outside“I initially came to NUHS to finish my bachelor’s degree in the bachelor’s completion program,” says Elizabeth. “While I was at National University I was able to talk to students and faculty from both the chiropractic and acupuncture programs so that I could figure out which path was best for me. I decided to enroll in National University’s Master of Science in Oriental Medicine program.

“I’d had acupuncture when I sprained my ankle and it sped up the healing process incredibly. I’ve also tried acupuncture for seasonal allergies or sinus problems, and, boom, the next day the problem was gone without any medication,” says Elizabeth. “I thought acupuncture was awesome.”

“I shopped for other acupuncture schools in the area, but one school was really small and would have required a 12-hour-a-day schedule with commuting downtown. It just wouldn’t have worked for me,” Elizabeth says. “From my bachelor’s program, I already knew what NUHS was about and liked the teachers and the way the school operated.”

“I like the fact that we can experience clinic within the second trimester of the program. We’re getting our feet wet by watching the real practice of the medicine, not just reading books. We literally learn by seeing patients and getting to write SOAP notes, so it actually helps reinforce what we learn in the classroom.”

aom student lisa oriental medicine dispensary herbs“And I love learning about herbs. Before I came here, I really didn’t know herbs were associated with acupuncture. For those people who are needle-phobic, it works great.”

“Our faculty is the best you can find. Dr. Hui Yan Cai is a genius. She’s a medical doctor from China who has practiced herbs for 40 years. Dr. Yurasek teaches Tuina. He’s a fun teacher that will give you real world experience by telling you what he does in clinic and how he treats people – what points, what herbs. And Dr. Yihyun Kwon is devoted to helping you learn and to be the best according to your ability. He also wants you to know how this medicine works and understand it from both a western and eastern perspective.”

In her future practice, Elizabeth wants to specialize in infertility and skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. “My husband is a chiropractic student at NUHS and we are going to open a practice together.”

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