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Biomedical Science

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Bachelor of  Science in Biomedical Science – Illinois campus

National University’s bachelor’s degree completion program in biomedical science offers you the top quality of a private education at an affordable price. Students experience our graduate level faculty and are provided the opportunity to continue into any of our first professional programs.  

What is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical science includes any course of scientific study related to biology as it affects health care. It includes classes such as physiology, anatomy, epidemiology, biochemistry, nutrition and kinesiology. Biomedical sciences are the foundation of knowledge for all health care professionals.

Why Earn a Degree in Biomedical Sciences?

A bachelor’s degree in biomedical science positions you well for a wide variety of career opportunities, or for admission to advanced science or professional health care degrees. Since health care career opportunities are expected to grow over the next decade, a degree in biomedical science can be a good investment for future earning potential.

How to Use Your Biomedical Science Degree

Your BS degree in biomedical science can be a gateway to working in many fields: education, research, sales, medical practice, hospital and institutional work. Students also use this degree to pursue graduate study in the health professions in order to become a medical doctor, dentist, podiatrist, etc. This degree also prepares you for the first-professional programs at National University where you can study to become a chiropractic or naturopathic physician or pursue the acupuncture or oriental medicine programs.

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Program Overview

You can earn a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree in as little as 16 months of convenient evening classes.

Choosing to pursue your degree at National University will give you access to graduate level facilities and faculty while preparing you for a career in a wide variety of science fields and provide you the tools to pursue a number of advanced degree programs.

Completion Program

Our evening program is designed for students with a 2-year degree or previous college credits, who wish to complete their education at National University.

Basic Sciences

Anchor your degree in the basic sciences with courses such as microbiology, physiology, chemistry and anatomy. Then take your education to the next step with additional courses in neuroscience, histology, nutrition, immunology, embryology and more.

Build Your Own Degree

With no core courses required, you are free to select from any of our 40+ classes to develop a curriculum that will specifically fit your future plans. Classes provide excellent preparation for those interested in pursuing an advanced degree as a medical doctor, health care specialist or those interested in obtaining a position in a science or health care field.

Emphasis in Nutrition

You can choose to complete an Emphasis in Nutrition, which will be reflected on your diploma, and can offer an additional credential for your future health career.

Learn Anatomy

Explore the wonders of the human body and its systems through our anatomy and physiology courses. In these classes, you’ll spend time learning from human cadavers in our gross anatomy lab.

Our Curriculum

The 124-credit-hour Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science Program provides a solid foundation in the basic sciences in courses such as microbiology, physiology, chemistry, and anatomy. There are also medical school courses such as pathology, nutrition, immunology, epidemiology, and pharmacology. There are no required core courses, just a requirement that you earn 64 of the 124 credits at National University.

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Consider National University for its distinct advantages and be well-prepared for the career that awaits you.

Design Your Own Curriculum

profile video Crystal StewardStudents at National University have the freedom to custom design a Bachelor completion curriculum around their own schedule and according to their future goals. The convenient evening program allows students to pursue their degree while balancing other commitments and responsibilities.

Outstanding Faculty and Facilities

profile video konstantina adamsAs a graduate medical school, National University is able to offer graduate level faculty and facilities to students in the Biomedical Sciences program. Learn from professors and instructors considered experts in their discipline and often possessing the highest degree in their field. The science-focused facilities at NUHS will benefit you in a variety of ways; from studying cadavers in our gross anatomy laboratory, working on the Anatomage Table, to interacting with state-of-the-art technology in the biochemistry laboratory.

Preparation for Advanced Degrees

student profile videoWhen you begin the BS program at National University, you will interact with students and faculty in the first professional degrees of Chiropractic MedicineNaturopathic MedicineAcupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This early interaction better prepares students for working in a health care environment with a variety of medical professionals. You will also be well prepared to pursue other advanced degrees in order to become a medical doctor, physician assistant, optometrist, dentist, etc.


Advanced Scholars Program
One strong advantage of our bachelor of science program is that you may qualify for early entry into either the doctor of chiropractic or doctor of naturopathic medicine program at NUHS. Through our Advanced Scholars Program, you can finish the last year of your BS degree while enrolled in the first year of your DC or ND program. The science courses you’ll take in your first year of graduate school will be applied toward your BS program. This means you will be able to save one year of time and tuition in completing both an undergraduate and graduate level health care degree.

student profile video Greg SwetsCollaborative Learning Opportunities

The institutional focus at National University is on collaborative learning and encourages students to become colleagues rather than competitors, preparing them for future careers in integrated health care. Upon completion of the Biomedical Science program, many students choose to go on to pursue one or more first-professional degrees.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

National University offers a scholarship for all Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) community college honor students entering the bachelor’s degree completion program. Often, those who enroll in our bachelor’s program are high-achieving students hoping to pursue an advanced degree in a medical field. This scholarship will provide one such group (PTK members) an excellent start as they work towards achieving their career goals.


A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to PTK students in two separate disbursements of $1,000, one in each of the student’s first two trimesters. Recipients must be a member of PTK, have earned a 3.5 grade point average, have completed a minimum of 33 credit hours of prior college coursework, and be enrolled in 12 or more credits in each of the first two trimesters.

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