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NUHS launches program designed to help students prepare for medical school and careers in healthcare

by Feb 9, 2024

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National University of Health Sciences, one of the nation’s premier institutions for health science education, has launched a one-year master’s program for students who wish to pursue highly-in-demand careers in healthcare.

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 The on-campus Master of Science in Medical Science (MSMS) program, in partnership with Tiber Health, will help prepare students for medical school and other medical professional programs like chiropractic, naturopathic, pharmacy, optometry, and physician’s assistant, or for a career in public health or clinical research. This additional academic training is designed to expand access to quality healthcare education programs by helping students increase their medical knowledge and improve performance on the USMLE and MCAT Exams. 

Access to medical school training is becoming increasingly important as the U.S. healthcare industry faces a growing doctor shortage, particularly in rural areas. Although 20 percent of Americans live in rural communities, just 11 percent of physicians practice in these areas, according to the Association of the American Medical Colleges (AAMC). 

The profession also fails to reflect the increasingly diverse U.S. population. According to the AAMC, Black and Hispanic Americans make up nearly one-third of the U.S. population but only make up 10 percent of doctors and 12 percent of medical school students. Today, more than 83% of the MSMS student body across all Tiber partner universities come from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Students in National University of Health Sciences’ MSMS program will attend classes on-campus in a medical school environment amongst other students who are earning their master’s and doctorate degrees in various healthcare fields. 

“At National University of Health Sciences, our primary focus on well-being and community is quite unique,” said Kathryn Rioch EdD, MS, RDN, LDN, Program Director of the MSMS program. “Students will have access to resources only a health sciences university can provide. They’ll experience cutting-edge digital technology such as an Anatomage table and utilize an extensive medical library. 

In addition to its unique health care-focused environment, National University’s MSMS program is also cost-effective in comparison to competitor programs.  

Classes will be delivered via virtual, synchronous, interactive sessions with faculty broadcasting live. In a flipped classroom arrangement, students will be tasked with watching online lectures and completing assigned readings before the actual in-person class. During the class itself, the focus shifts to engaging in immersive discussions, interactive case studies, and collaborative group activities. 

Through the program’s industry-leading educational model, students can take charge of their own academic success through regular, data-driven self-evaluation via a personalized student dashboard. This real-time data, gathered throughout each student’s time in the program, gives MSMS students keen insight into their potential performance on the USMLE board exam and beyond. To date, 77 percent of graduates from Tiber-powered MSMS programs continue on to their preferred healthcare path.  

Dr. Rioch looks forward to welcoming the first class of MSMS students at NUHS in Fall 2024 and seeing them succeed. 

“I am passionate about educating the next generation of health care providers,” she said. “I truly enjoy supporting the achievement of each student’s goals and providing academic mentorship along their journey here at NUHS.” 

For more information or to apply to the MSMS Program visit the NUHS website.

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