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NUCCA Chiropractic

by Dec 1, 2023

At National, we learn many different chiropractic techniques that can benefit a variety of patient presentations. Recently, I shadowed a National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) chiropractor in order to widen my knowledge regarding the different methods utilized within chiropractic medicine.

When the cranio-cervical junction is injured, the NUCCA technique works to reduce nerve interference using a precise, gentle and non-invasive spinal adjustment. By using objective X-rays of the head and neck, along with mathematical analysis, a misalignment pattern can be determined for each unique patient.

After determining the misalignment pattern, the doctor will apply a light pressure that will move the spinal bones in the cervical region. There is no discernible pushing or twisting during the adjustment. This subtle process may be comforting to some patients that feel anxious when they hear “pops and cracks.”

In 2007, research was conducted, concluding that restoration of Atlas alignment was associated with marked and sustained reductions in blood pressure, comparable to the use of two-drug combination therapy in individuals with elevated blood pressure. I believe one of the most exciting parts of being involved in the world of chiropractic medicine is that there are so many different avenues to benefit patients.

Whether you are a traditional chiropractor, a functional medicine chiropractor, or a NUCCA chiropractor, the goal is to help patients feel healthier and live better lives long-term. I recommend shadowing as many different types of chiropractors as possible while at National, as you never know what avenue will lead to your future chiropractic career!

Meet some of our doctor of chiropractic alumni here.

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About the Author

Hannah Synon

Hannah Synon

My name is Hannah, and I am in Phase III of the chiropractic program at NUHS. I was raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, a beautiful town on Lake Michigan. Currently, I live in Schaumburg with my husband, Zach. I love to travel, bake, and watch horror movies. Chiropractic medicine is my passion, as it provides more natural remedies and methods for obtaining a healthier life. I love meeting new people, and I look forward to sharing my chiropractic journey with you.


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