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New VA preceptorship opportunity in North Carolina will allow students to get hands-on, integrative experience

by Jun 30, 2023

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National University of Health Sciences’ chiropractic students will have the chance to get an integrative and hands-on experience as part of a new preceptorship program at the Fayetteville Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Coastal Health Care System in North Carolina.  

Fayetteville VA Medical Center

Since adding chiropractic physicians to the Fayetteville VA’s list of providers about a year ago, the department has had a busy schedule. Interns will work under Jude Miller DC, MS, CCSP, ICSC, or Peter Szynkowicz DC, MS, DACBSP, ICCSP, two of the three chiropractic physicians part of the VA Fayetteville NC Coastal Health Care System. 

“With a large veteran population in the coastal region, demand for chiropractic care is very high,” said Dr. Miller. “Interns can expect a full schedule.” 

The chiropractic department offers a wide range of services including various types of adjustment techniques, dry needling, cupping, soft tissue work, and exercise recommendations. In North Carolina, chiropractic interns working within the VA are able to perform adjustments on patients, allowing for a more hands-on experience. 

The department works integratively with the many other health providers at the VA including physical therapy, occupational therapy, primary care, orthopedics, neurology,  and many other departments. 

“Patients love that we have access to all of their previous care records. We’re able to see labs, images and notes, which provide a better understanding of the patients,” Dr. Miller said. 

Interns have the option of doing 4-10 week rotations at two North Carolina VA locations including the Wilmington VA Clinic, which provides comprehensive health care, the Fayetteville VA Medical Center, which includes an emergency room and performs more complex surgeries, or both. 

At either location, interns can expect to see patients of a wide age range and many complex cases. Most commonly, the department sees patients who are experiencing chronic pain. 

“We provide an interdisciplinary care plan and address the patient as a whole,” Dr. Miller said. “Our goal is to make patients as self-sufficient as possible and equip them with what they need to get better.” 

NUHS currently offers rotations at VA sites in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Florida. 

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