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Florida DC Interns Treat Athletes at Rugby Event

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, DC interns from National University in Florida joined Dr. Carlo Guadagno in providing medical triage services for the Gulf Coast Sevens Rugby Tournament.

Interns Eric Brennan, Ben Dieffenbacher, Vicky Poulakis, Melodie Wakefield, Mike Gonzon, Roshaun Hardy provided direct care, while lower trimester DC students Jessica Hiipakka, Angel Bott, Frank Watson, Ravi Rai, Logan Wolph and Kyle Steineman were on hand to take patient histories.

florida interns rugby event group photo

The NUHS group finished the day with 80 patient encounters, plus an invitation to participate in providing care for future rugby events. Below is an email received by one of the participating interns, Eric Brennan:


I cannot stress enough on how wonderful it was to have you at our tournament. The feedback was tremendous from the players and coaches. Well done. Thanks for taking such good care of our injured player during the final. He is well, no permanent injury. Please share this with your staff.


Jim Orandash,
 Tournament Director,
 Head Coach,
 Pelican Rugby

“Rugby is about as full contact as contact sports can get. We saw the whole gamut of acute injuries that one would expect, including concussions, fractures, lacerations and trauma to the joints. At this type of event, students quickly find out if chiropractic sports medicine is a specialty that they truly enjoy and if they would like to pursue it further,” says Dr. Carlo Guadagno.

NUHS chiropractic interns can take advantage of outreach opportunities at a wide variety of sporting events, making our DC program a great choice for students wishing to specialize in sports medicine.






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