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Embracing the 9th Trimester: A Balancing Act

by Jun 15, 2023

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Welcome back, fellow chiropractic students and enthusiasts! As we progress into the 9th trimester of the NUHS chiropractic program, we are poised to enter a crucial phase that brings us closer to our ultimate goal of becoming skilled practitioners. This trimester marks our transition into full-time clinic work, where we have the full opportunity to apply the knowledge we have acquired thus far and learn new techniques from our clinicians and interns. It’s already felt like a big difference not having to sit in classes. I have more energy post-clinic to run errands, study for board exams, and enjoy life; however, it is imperative to find a proper balance and use time wisely. Finding an equilibrium is essential for success.

To optimize time, I have been aiming to take advantage of shorter clinic days to engage in shadowing experiences at various chiropractic offices. While the trimester has just begun, I’ve already researched chiropractors in my area that I’d like to meet and shadow over the next weeks. This invaluable exposure enables us to witness diverse chiropractic approaches firsthand and encourages us to identify our niche within the field. Early exploration and connections with chiropractors in our community can even lead to preceptorship opportunities during the tenth trimester.

As 9th trimester interns, we also share the responsibility of welcoming Tri-8 interns into our clinic and assisting them to adjust in providing successful patient care and mastering the medical record system just as we to had last trimester. Collaborating with the Tri-8 interns has been a privilege and I hope we, Tri-9 and Tri-10s, have been helpful in generating a less intimidating atmosphere. I remember being in their shoes full of excitement but also intimidation embarking into clinic life. Having the Tri-8s shadow me has also given me a chance to reinforce my own knowledge, but also learn new skills that they have learned. For example, one intern has a background in physical therapy; thus, he’s been able to teach me different rehab exercises and manual therapy techniques.

Left to right: Vince, Chris, Alex, Pete, and Jared ate at a fantastic Brazilian steakhouse to celebrate birthdays and passing Physiotherapy boards!

While our focus remains on academics and clinical practice, it is equally important to prioritize our well-being and engage in self-care activities. Whether it’s spending quality time with loved ones, pursuing personal hobbies, or simply finding solace in nature, these activities contribute to our overall happiness and enhance our ability to provide exceptional care to future patients. I’ve been recently house hunting with my husband, and we will soon be closing on a house in the next month! It’s been exciting getting to venture through different cities and neighborhoods and dreaming about our future. With the great sunny weather, we’ve also been enjoying the outdoors more by taking our pup to the dog beach, taking long walks by the water, and trying new restaurants close to our potential new home.

Here’s to a trimester of remarkable progress, as we strive to become the best chiropractors we can be!



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Alexandra Simic Hachmann

Alexandra Simic Hachmann

My name is Alexandra Simic Hachmann and I am currently in my 10th trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic program here at NUHS - Florida. I am officially an intern at the HEC clinic! I have obtained a B.A. in Biology and Biomedical Sciences, as well as a Master of Medical Science degree. While I believe my educational background has helped me succeed in this challenging program, I appreciate all the professors’ efforts in helping us excel and prepare for our careers. As a hands-on visual learner, I am embracing the palpation courses and anatomy labs offered! I am still determining which field in chiropractic I would like to pursue; thus, readers should stick around to discover this with me! I hope to bring insightful content to this blog and demonstrate what student life is like at NUHS in sunny Florida.


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