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Bee Venom Therapy

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During our last week of the tri, Dr. Yurasek was talking about bee venom therapy.  I know he uses it in his practice and at a hospital where he also works, and he has had success with it. I later went and sat in on his class to watch his presentation. Apitherapy, as it is called, is the medicinal use of products made from honeybees. The main product of discussion was the bee venom.  Bee venom therapy has been practiced in China, Ancient Greece and Egypt.  But growing scientific evidence suggests that various bee products promote healing by improving circulation, decreasing inflammation and stimulating a healthy immune response.  

Amber Rose, PhD, AP, LAc, LCSW, is a licensed acupuncturist who has written a book, Bee in Balance, and provided bee venom therapy free to patients in need.  Charles Mraz has made the therapy more popular by the publishing of his book, Introduction to Bee Venom Therapy. Mraz learned apitherapy from Bodog Beck who brought apitherapy to the United States from Hungary. Beck studied under Austrian physician Phillip Terc, who published the "Report about a Peculiar Connection between the Bee Stings and Rheumatism." Mraz cured his arthritic knees with bee venom therapy at the age of 15. He later bred the honeybees and treated patients in New York. Dr. Yurasek was able to converse with Mraz at the age of 93, and he told Dr. Yurasek how apitherapy works. 

Bee Sting? Bee Venom is administered by trained therapists (American Apitherapy Society) in the form of a direct sting by the bee. The venom is injected into the skin. Acupuncturists use the bee to sting certain acupuncture points, which will aid in the recovery of the patient. The venom bladder pumps for about 5 minutes. There is a specific protocol to follow when initiating treatment and the therapist is always prepared if an allergic reaction takes place.  

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Dr. Yurasek has treated approximately 30 people and has had success especially with a boxer who was only able to move his joystick on the wheelchair he was in. After about 6 treatments, the gentleman was able to comb his hair and dress himself. Eventually he was able to stand. Every individual is different and will have different results. However, studies suggest that BVT may improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I am very excited about this therapy and want to learn more.  Dr. Yurasek is trying to get approved to lead his own study at our school with the Department of Research. To learn more, you can visit the American Apitherapy Society.

I am on break right now and trying to read the books I haven't gotten to yet. Sounds nerdy but I am always looking for new ways to improve my needling style. But, I also made time for some fun at my girlfriend's wedding and celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary.  

See you all next trimester!