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DCs Earn More in Integrative Practices

by May 13, 2016

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National University’s commitment to integrative medicine could translate into higher earnings for graduates of its doctor of chiropractic program.  A 2015 survey by Chiropractic Economics magazine showed that the average total compensation for DCs is currently $122,000. However, DCs who practice in an integrative clinic (a practice with both a DC and a medical doctor on staff) earn an average of $151,056.

doctor of chiropractic salary infographic

Since National University maintains a campus devoted to integrative medicine, this means its graduates are uniquely prepared to take advantage of expanding career opportunities in integrative settings such as hospitals, integrative clinics, veterans facilities and more.

Integrative medicine at National University means training students to work together with MDs and other medical professionals rather than compete with them. It prepares DC students to co-manage cases and establish inter-referral networks with MDs, DOs, NDs and other specialists. Both classroom and clinical training teach students to understand and appreciate the valuable and unique health care expertise held by each branch of medicine. In addition to its on-campus integrative medical clinic, the university also offers a variety of hospital rotations and clerkships for DC students during their clinical internship training.

National University is committed to integrative medicine not only because it is the future of health care and offers more career opportunities for graduates, but more so because it provides the right environment for improved patient outcomes.

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