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Naturopathic Residency
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Naturopathic Residency Opportunities

All naturopathic medicine students at NUHS complete one full year as an intern in our on-campus integrative medical clinic as part of theirND degree program.  After graduation, some NDs wish to deepen their clinical experience by participating in a postgraduate residency program. 

What is a Residency?

Residency programs often offer focused clinical work in a medical specialty, honing expertise in treating a specific set of health conditions. Other residencies focus on research or can widen the number and types of patients a practitioner sees. Residencies in smaller settings can also offer hands-on practice management experience. 


ND graduates interested in completing a residency have options through several programs approved by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). Some residencies are offered through accredited naturopathic medicine schools, while some are in hospital settings or private clinics. View a complete list of CNME approved programs. There is a universal application process for CNME residences. 

One of the key components of naturopathic medical training involves gaining practical experience by working directly with patients in clinical settings. AANMC-affiliated schools provide opportunities for such clinical experiences throughout the entirety of their four-year programs. Moreover, many naturopathic doctors choose to pursue residencies after graduation to further enhance their education and focus areas. 

While residencies are not obligatory for licensure and practice, except in Utah, numerous NDs opt to undergo one to three years of residency training before establishing independent practices. These residencies offer invaluable mentorship and patient interaction opportunities that contribute significantly to the development of clinical expertise. 

Each sponsoring institution must adhere to rigorous requirements outlined in the Handbook on CNME Postdoctoral Naturopathic Medical Education Sponsor Recognition Process and Standards. Licensed medical professionals and graduates of AANMC-affiliated schools are encouraged to apply as hosts for naturopathic medical residencies. Similarly, graduates of these schools are eligible and encouraged to seek out naturopathic medical residency positions. 

Naturopathic Residencies for NUHS Graduates

Although the University does not offer naturopathic residencies on its campus at this time, ND graduates from NUHS are being accepted to some of the more prestigious residencies available nationwide. Please visit the AANMC residency website at:   

Applying for a Residency

There is a universal application process for each of the residency opportunities. To qualify as an applicant for the CNME approved residency programs through the AANMC Residency Portal, detail found at: Applicants shall possess, by the start of the program, the following:
1. Create an account on the AANMC Residency Portal
Do this early on in your student experience to begin to understand the process and requirements.

2. Review existing and prior residency sites on the AANMC Portal
Contact residency locations you may be interested in and see if they accept preceptors.

3. Seek out your own opportunities
Do you have a specific area of care you are interested in? A geographic location you are set on moving to? If so, look for conventional and naturopathic doctors who meet your needs. If they are not yet a participating site, they can apply to become a new site.

Connect them to [email protected] to start the process. . .

4. Foster academic and clinical relationships for references
You will need at least three recommendations when applying.

5. Start your application early
Remember, soliciting references, writing personal statements, and gathering some of the background materials takes time. The deadline is sharp. Know all deadlines and plan accordingly.

Please review the official Universal Application for CNME-Approved Naturopathic Residencies for the application process, application deadlines, applicant matching and other specifics.