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Program Overview

oriental medicine

Program Overview

The purpose of the acupuncture and oriental medicine program is to provide the highest quality comprehensive and professional education in the five branches of traditional oriental medicine: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na, Chinese nutritional therapeutics, and Tai Chi / Qi Gong. 

Integrative Approach to Health Care

Through classroom instruction and extensive clinical experiences, woven into the program early on, National University is dedicated to teaching the wisdom of classical acupuncture and oriental medicine as it continues to be informed by contemporary medical knowledge. The programs emphasize an integrative and holistic approach to health care, incorporating instruction in clinical western medicine in order that our graduates may practice confidently in a wide range of clinical settings. We hold the core values of integrity and compassion in the practice of medicine in the greatest esteem, and seek to graduate students who wish to engage in it at the highest levels.

Our Historic Role in Acupuncture Education

National University may be one of the oldest acupuncture teaching institutions in the United States. National began research into the effectiveness of acupuncture in 1971. We were the first educational institution in the country given state government authorization to offer an acupuncture education program in 1972. Acupuncture was added to National’s postgraduate curriculum in 1972, and included in the regular doctor of chiropractic curriculum in 1974. This was long before most of today’s current acupuncture schools were even founded.