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MAc-HM Trimester-by-Trimester
oriental medicine

MAc-HM Trimester-by-Trimester Curriculum

Several classes are offered in alternate trimesters (for example T1 or T2). Learn more about our innovative curriculum by viewing theĀ course schedule.

Total Program Credits: 149.0

Phase One

Phase I: Term One (21.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
OM4408Introduction to Herbal Medicine2.5
OM4406Physiology of Herbal Medicine3.0
AC4461Meridian Theory & Point Location 12.5
AC4463Meridian Theory & Point Location 22.5
TM4491Tui Na1.0
TM4492Asian Body Work1.0
WB4401Western Medical Terminology1.0
WB4409Western Anatomy & Physiology2.0
WB4402Human Anatomy2.5
WB4404Principles of Biochemistry1.0

Phase I: Term Two (21.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
WC4523Psychopathology & Health Psychology2.0
OM4571Diagnosis & Skills of Herbal Medicine 11.5
AC4562Meridian & Point Energetics 12.0
AC4564Meridian & Point Energetics 22.0
WD4541Western Physical Exam2.0
WD4542Neuromusculoskeletal Exam1.0
WB4511Microbiology, Immunology & Public Health2.0
WB4512Western Pathology2.0
CL4561Clinic Observation 12.0
OM4572Diagnosis & Skills of Herbal Medicine 21.5
OM4511Etiology & Pathogenesis of Herbal Medicine3.0

Phase I: Term Three (21.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
AC4671Acupuncture & Clean Needle Technique2.0
ID4641Tai Chi1.0
ID4642Medical Qi Gong1.0
CL4662Clinic Observation 22.0
CL4663Clinic Observation 32.0
OM4651Advanced Diagnosis & Treatment Strategy2.0
AC4681Microsystems & Advanced Acupunctures2.0
AC4672Acupuncture & Accessory Techniques1.0
PD4642Evidence-Based Practice2.0
OM4601Differential Diagnosis of Herbal Medicine 12.5
OM4602Differential Diagnosis of Herbal Medicine 22.5
CL5592LHerbal Associate Integrative Internship 21.0

Phase Two

Phase II: Term Four (18.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
WC5421Neurophysiology of Acupuncture2.0
WC5422Western Pharmacology & Toxicology2.0
CL5471Associate Internship 12.0
CL5472Associate Internship 22.0
CL5473Associate Internship 32.0
CL5474Associate Internship 42.0
AC5452Acupuncture Treatment Strategy2.0
PD5443Business, Marketing and Practice Management2.0
WD5441Imaging Diagnosis2.0
CL5593LHerbal Associate Integrative Internship 31.0
HM6523Classics of Herbal Medicine3.0
HM4514Herbal Pharmacy Practicum1.0

Phase II: Term Five (20.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
WD5542Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis2.0
TM5591Advanced Tui Na1.0
CL5581Acupuncture Senior Internship 12.0
CL5582Acupuncture Senior Internship 22.0
CL5583Acupuncture Senior Internship 32.0
CL5584Acupuncture Senior Internship 42.0
CL5585Acupuncture Senior Internship 52.0
OS5531Advanced Seminar 12.0
PD5541Doctor & Patient Relationship2.0
CL6601LHerbal Senior Integrative Internship 11.0
HM6524Integration of Herbal Medicine2.0

Phase II: Term Six (20.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
TM5692Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy of Herbal Medicine1.0
WI5601Integrative Medicine 12.0
WT5655Western Diet & Nutrition1.0
OS5632Advanced Seminar 22.0
WD5641Western Physical Diagnosis2.0
OM5653Nutrition & Food Therapy of Herbal Medicine2.0
HM4511Materia Medica 13.0
HS6531Herbal Seminar 12.0
CL6602LHerbal Senior Integrative Internship 21.0
WT6456Botanical Medicine4.0

Phase Three

Phase III: Term Seven (10.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
HM5511Herbal Formula 13.0
CL6603LHerbal Senior Integrative Internship 31.0
HM4512Materia Medica 23.0
HM5513Herbal Patent Medicine1.0
HS6532Herbal Seminar 22.0

Phase III: Term Eight (12.0 Total Credits)

Course #Course TitleCredits
HM5512Herbal Formula 23.0
CL6604LHerbal Senior Integrative Internship 41.0
HM4513Materia Medica 33.0
HM6454Herbal Treatment Strategy3.0
HS6533Herbal Seminar 32.0