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A Distinctive Curriculum

Our 121-credit hour program immerses students in the same comprehensive training as in the oriental medicine program, with less focus on the study of Chinese herbal medicine.

Acupuncture students at National University receive a thorough curriculum in topics like meridian theory, point location and oriental medical diagnosis. They also learn fundamental biomedical science and modern medical diagnostics including coursework in radiology, pathology, physiology, microbiology and public health.

Quick Facts on Acupuncture Styles

japan flag Japanese Acupuncture stresses meridian palpation and acupressure, and uses thinner needles.

korean flag Korean Acupuncture often uses only four needles, and treatment focuses on extremities like hands or ears.

taiwan flag Tung Acupuncture originated in Taiwan, and works great on musculoskeletal problems.

china flag Chinese Acupuncture is the traditional foundation for all styles, and larger needles are inserted over a wider area.