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Biomedical Science Students – Rex and Linda Crites

rex and linda critesMeet Rex and Lynda Crites: married and both working toward their BS degree in biomedical science at National University. The couple moved to Illinois from Las Vegas specifically to study at NUHS, and now live in an on-campus apartment.

“I knew I wanted to eventually earn a DC degree here and become a chiropractic physician,” says Rex. “It made sense to finish my bachelor’s degree at NUHS and learn from the same professors who teach in the DC graduate program.”

While spending evenings in his bachelor completion program, Rex works during the day in the NUHS Admissions Office as part of a work-study program. His wife, Lynda, plans to earn advanced degrees in both naturopathic and oriental medicine at NUHS after she finishes the BS program.

How do they like the BS program so far? “Most classes are taught by doctors in their career field,” says Rex. “You always get more out of a class when the teacher has a passion for the subject they’re teaching. The class size is small, so you’re not scared to ask questions. Your professors know who you are and care about your success.”

Lynda likes that she and Rex can participate in the on-campus clubs side-by-side with graduate level students. “Many of the clubs are professionally oriented,” she says. “We’re in the Applied Kinesiology club, and we’ll have 300 hours toward that skill by the time we graduate with our professional degrees.”

How is it studying with your spouse? “It’s great,” say the Crites. “We try to schedule ourselves in the same classes and we’re usually lab partners.” In the future, the pair plans to open an integrative medical practice together.

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