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Retirement and Disability

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Retirement and Disability Benefits

The following are retirement and disability benefits available to eligible National University employees.

Retirement Plan

National University particpates in a retirement plan through Vanguard.

This money purchase plan requires a pre-tax contribution by participating employees.

Participant contribution is 4% and the university contribution is 2%.

For more information, please view Vanguard Flyer.

Long Term Disability

Long term disability insurance provides for continuance of 60% of one’s income after a 90-day period of disability under the Illness Policy. This policy also provides for a monthly annuity premium to be paid to the employee’s retirement plan while they are on long term disability. This benefit is provided by the university at no cost.

Life Insurance

Effective immediately, a death benefit is provided equal to the employee’s annual salary.

EAP Program

Disability Resource Services