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Treating the Root Cause

by Feb 2, 2024

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“As the hand held before the eye can hide the tallest mountain, so the routine of everyday life can keep us from seeing the vast radiance and secret wonders that fill the world.” -Chasidic saying

A concept often discussed in naturopathic medicine is that of treating the root cause. We observe conditions such as depression and chronic pain and proceed to probe their etiologies, debating chemical imbalances or structural misalignments respectively.

But are chemical imbalances and structural misalignments really the root cause? What about the roots that run deeper, the roots that branch from the source that formed the frame and set the chemicals in motion? The moment we take our focus from the deepest root is the moment we reduce a problem to sole physiology and miss the true opportunity for healing that is always open for the taking. 

In this sense all burdens stem from an expanding sense of separation. In response, we can either open our hearts to the instinctual knowledge of the wonders that surround us, or we can use distractions to numb the weariness.

Regardless, wonders abound. The birdsong, the flowers, the creative force that pulses through each unique friendship or simple exchange, the ubiquitous presence of life – it is awe-inspiring artistry to behold.

Unfortunately, most lifestyles provide enough distraction to avoid the encounters that could lead to true healing. Instead of letting the pressures of daily life be an opportunity to deepen my attunement to the miraculous, I too often let them push me toward my numbing distractions of choice. As a result, the feeling of incompleteness gnaws stronger at my heart and the cycle repeats.

As healers, it is our duty to continually resist the forces of everyday routine from dampening our instinctual awareness of grandeur. The posture of the heart is paramount. Not only our temporal health, but our future wholeness rests upon it.

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About the Author

Leah Gusching

Leah Gusching

Greetings! I am a student of natural medicine because I enjoy the beauty reflected in the human body and spirit. I believe the best medicine is the gift of grace that, once received, heals the posture of the heart. To relax, I like talking with my husband, reading books, and swimming in the ocean when available. Please feel free to reach out!


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