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Guide to Internet Research

NUHS florida students

Guide to Internet Research

Evaluating Internet Sources

Since it can be difficult to verify the credibility of internet sources, you must critically analyze each web source. Some things to keep in mind when evalulating source include:

  • Author’s credentials, affiliations, and associations
  • Date of publication
  • Edition or revision
  • Publisher
  • Sources used
  • Group or industry affiliations of website

At any step of the research process, you can consult a James F. Winterstein Library staff member for assistance.

Search Engines

There are many search engines available to utilize for your research. The most popular search engines in the U.S. are (in alphabetical order):

You may also find the following websites helpful in addition to search engines.

For a complete list of search engines, see Wikipedia.

Boolean Search Terms

For information on how to use boolean search terms in a search engine, please watch this video: Boolean Searching.

Citing Sources

  • EasyBib – Automatically generate a citation