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Students AOM

Students AOM

Tobias Donaker

“There’s a good dynamic of people in the program that come from medical backgrounds versus people from sociological backgrounds like myself, as well as people from philosophical backgrounds. It all opens people’s minds to absorb teachings from another culture and apply them to our own culture effectively.”

Fan Jiang

“I liked the clinical part of the program. This profession is hands-on. The more experience you have, the more cases you see, the better. Our clinical experience here at NUHS is a big strength.”

Elizabeth Spicher

“I like that we can experience clinic within the second trimester of the acupuncture and oriental medicine programs. We’re getting our feet wet by watching the real practice of the medicine, not just by reading books. We learn through seeing patients and writing SOAP notes, which helps reinforce what we learn in the classroom.”

Greer Nesbit

“Even though there were acupuncture schools in the city, I chose to commute to Lombard because National had a real campus and offered an integrative medicine environment. It also had a flexible schedule and a cadaver lab, which the other schools couldn’t offer.”

Andrea Hingst

“I looked into other schools, but picked National University because of the western science courses and the anatomy lab experience they offered. With my background, I’m pretty big on having science as a foundation for my education.”