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Mickey Chin – Biomedical Science Graduate

For Mickey Chin (NUHS ’17), a large part of his career in sales at a hospital-based lab is about being adaptable and having the knowledge base needed to speak with physicians and practitioners across all kinds of fields.

Mickey Chin“With a solid understanding of biochemistry and physiology, I am able to banter with physicians and explain our lab’s capabilities with confidence,” he said.

Chin started his career at Central DuPage Hospital early on. While earning his Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree at National University, Chin worked full-time at the hospital’s Healthlab as a problem resolution representative in the client services department. “During the day, I would investigate and solve issues pertaining to all lab specimens that went through to us.”

With his degree, Chin transitioned to the sales department of the lab where he helps various types of health care practitioners across northern Illinois with every facet involved in obtaining services from the lab.

“The knowledge I acquired from the undergrad program allowed me to be more efficient in providing lab services to clients,” he said. “One of my clients in the Schaumburg area is actually a NUHS graduate in naturopathic medicine.”

With multiple medical degree programs located on the same campus, students in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science program at National University are able to interact with students and faculty in the first professional degrees of chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Chin most enjoys a level of autonomy in his position along with his conversations with health care practitioners. “It is interesting to have discussions with current physicians in their respective fields like OB/GYN and internal medicine about their practice and what they are finding among their patient demographics.”

He credits National University’s undergraduate program with preparing him for his current career. “The fields that I explored during my undergraduate education were fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” he said.

For others interested in the health care industry, Chin says a degree in biomedical sciences can lead to a wide-range of opportunities. “Having a biomedical science degree doesn’t mean you have to move forward in one direction only,” he said. “Be creative and aware of what is available and commit to it.”

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